Customers and users are the core of our work as a service provider: A successful completion of the assigned tasks and an optimal working capacity for the users are our main priorities.

Ten years ago, we worked mostly with public customers such as universities, public construction authorities, research institutes, or the Max Plank Society. However, over the last few years, the number of private customers, such as sole owners, middle-sized companies and large scale manufactures, have increased. Meanwhile, the ratio between public and private customers is almost equal.

The outcome of this is manifold tasks. Foreign projects enriched our know-how with different cultural and social aspects. Different experiences from tasks as well as from alternative approaches could be implemented in all projects. Knowledge gained from large projects are helpful for small projects. On the other hand, pragmatic approaches which characterized small projects could be supportive in larger projects as well. Our project development includes both formalities and tools for decision and concept construction (ES-Bau), for Europe-wide or national calls as well as company specific guidelines and development. We work with a differentiated CAD structure which considers the whole plant. Due to our manifold experience in different fields, we could support the formulation of a Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) standard, especially for laboratory techniques. Our planning structure can be adapted to every company standard. Different groups of items, such as fume hoods or safety storage cabinets, can be represented on the floor plan as individual and independent layers. Not only do all roads lead to Rome, but also many roads lead to one contract. Contracts from public tender are assigned almost exclusively after VOF procedure (German procedure for the award of professional services), which are conducted at both national and European levels.

A well-designed, creative and cost-efficient concept can lead to the winning of a competition or a general planner competition, and thus convince the investors and lead to a contract. Sometimes, we are delegated on our own or within a team for the working out of project studies. The basis for the project are developed, which serves as a sample work, and afterwards a contract often follows. It is clear that the best reference is a job well done. A successful project execution leads in many cases to subsequent contracts. Hence, we rarely work with the same commissioner only once. We would like to thank all our commissioners for the trust and good collaboration over the past years. The projects on the website bear witness to the confidence in our planning team. For the future, we hope that new and old commissioners will trust us and that we can provide them constantly with proof of our high-quality work. With our past experiences, we are, at best, armed for future challenges. Tight schedules and limited budgets are evermore the norm and will characterize future projects. Thus effectiveness, flexibility and creativity of a highly qualified planning team become ever more important for a successful project implementation.