Forum Laborbau 2016




From 27 to 28 September this year, the 14th edition of Forum Laborbau – the joint event held by Klinkner & Partner GmbH and dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GmbH – took place. About 120 participants from industry and science participated in the event on the plant site of BASF SE in Ludwigshafen. The leading theme was the new construction of the B007 research building, which commenced operations one year ago.

A total of seven presenters introduced the project implementation within their fields of specialisation in ten lectures. Since the building had already been operating since one year, it was also possible to take stock of user acceptance and functionality for the first time.

The individual planning participants presented the requirements within their fields during the first day’s lectures. The question and discussion rounds after the presentations developed into a lively exchange. Mr. Junker, the project manager of BASF SE, described the builder’s perspective, showing the requirements formulated by BASF SE at the outset of the planning process. He also addressed special features of BASF SE’s project implementation. He was especially satisfied that it was possible to complete the project within the specified cost and time framework. Afterwards, Mr. Horinek presented the requirements on building architecture. He addressed the individual areas, such as laboratories, offices and communication zones, and showed how laboratory construction was aimed at compactness, communications and economy. Mr. Jaeger presented TGA’s requirements in his presentation. He showed how it is possible to operate a chemical research building with a high exhaust density, using an energy efficient ventilation system. After the lunch break, Dr. Heinekamp – who acted as the general contractor for this project – explained his planning concept for B007. In doing so, he also addressed the builder’s special safety requirements and showed how they were implemented.

Following the lectures, participants were able to gain their own impressions of the research building. They were assigned to small groups and received an expert guided tour of the building, in which the previously presented concepts were concretely demonstrated. Here as well, participants asked numerous questions.

The start-up phase and operation as well as the successful DGNB certification were explained on the second day. At the end of the event, participants had the option of going on a guided tour of the BASF SE plant site, which was very well received.