Forum Laborbau 2014




The 12th edition of “Forum Laborbau” took place on September 18 and 19 at the University Hospital, Munich. The joined organization by Klinkner & Partner GmbH and dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GmbH gratefully hosted yet another meeting with many participants from industry and academia.

Using the Biomedical Centre of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich as an example, owner, operator, and architect presented the challenges involved in planning and execution of laboratory construction. Builder and architect Mr. Christian Weiß and Mr. Manfred Piribauer, respectively, shed light on the planning´s influence on realization of this particular project.

Presentations concerning construction supervision (Stefan Ernst, architect), the operator´s role during the construction phase (Mrs Ursula Häufle), as well as implementation of the different requirements between builder and operator (Dr. Christoph Heinekamp) completed the first day.

All participants then visited the Biomedical Centre, which gave the opportunity to have a closer look at architecture and built-in technology of the different areas (laboratory, animal husbandry, etc.).

The second day started off with presentations outlining the importance of laboratory ventilation, design criteria, as well as economic viability and sustainability of laboratory ventilation (Dr. Norbert Teufelhart). Dr. Christoph Heinekamp gave focus to the relationship between laboratory planning and laboratory ventilation during the planning and execution phase. Mr. Holger Jaeger brought up the complexity of designing an integral concept of laboratory ventilation.

Based on his experience in testing laboratory ventilation Mr. Bernd Schubert astonished his audience with examples of unexpected complications, e.g. the influence of a refrigerator fan on function of a nearby fume hood.

A spectacular presentation by Mr. Herbert Gehringer made it easy to see and hear the necessity for explosion protection. As an example the consequences of a fuel-air mixture and open fire were shown for the three possibilities: a lean mixture, an explosive atmosphere, and a rich mixture.

The meeting was closed by presentations of system solutions and correct ventilation outlets for laboratory use by Mr. Klaus-Dieter Wolf, Mr. Joachim Schanze, and Mr. Hansjürg Lüdi.

Thanks to a great audience interesting discussions during and after the various presentations made the 12th edition an interactive meeting. A new and exciting “Forum Laborbau” is planned for the coming year, date and location will be announced.

We are already looking forward to seeing you (again) and hope for new and interesting discussions.