2015 Company Training in Koblenz

Firmenfortbildung 2015

Firmenfortbildung 2015_2

After a pleasant evening get-together for this year’s internal continuous company training in Koblenz, the following two days were used productively. On the first day, apart from the optimisation of project monitoring, project processing and the portrayal of projects in the presentations in the morning, the subject of sustainability was highlighted in the afternoon. We learned about the theoretical fundamentals for the certification of laboratory buildings from our speaker Ms Georgi-Tomas of ee concept GmbH, as well as from the use of current practical examples. On the basis of the high energy demands of laboratory buildings, existing certification systems had to be adjusted to these special requirements. Differently than with office buildings for example, no fixed references are taken as assessment standards. Instead of this the comparison takes place using a virtual building which corresponds exactly to the real building. Here the virtual building fulfils all the laws and standards. Those parameters in the real building are now assessed positively which are executed better than in the virtual building. As we expect an ever-increasing number of new laboratory buildings to be certified in future, the subject of sustainability has become a central point of our planning. The workshop was successful preparation for this.

In the evening we sampled the local specialities in the form of a wine-tasting with a hearty meal. Thanks are due to our host at Weingut Göhlen for this enjoyable evening.

The second day followed on directly from the subject of sustainability with the explanation of concepts – the business concept, the safety concept, and an assessment of fire dampers. These bring the concepts are into the centre of the projects, as a result of which comprehensive planning is required.

In conclusion we were able to visit the Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen (DZNE) which is under construction in Bonn. The building should receive the Gold Sustainability Certificate according to BNB – which is suitable for the main focus of the continuous training. The deep laboratory structure with the cell culture cubicles and equipment rooms contained within it aroused particular interest. However the special architectural features were also suitably admired.

This proves once again that a functional and sustainable building can be very attractive.