Renate Peuker and Dagmar Vorwerk founded the Peuker-Vorwerk Laboratory Planning Bureau in 1973. They put their experience as lead assistant medical technicians in the areas of diagnostic, research and planning into the planning of laboratories for medical diagnostics, medical research and hospital pharmacies. Ms. Vorwerk left the office in 1991. Ms. Peuker-Kiefl continued to administrate it as the sole owner. Dr. Christoph Heinekamp joined the office in March 1992. At the time, the office, located at Agnes-Bernauer-Strasse in Munich-Laim, involved – including the owner – a total of five collaborators. An additional office was inaugurated in Dresden in 1993. In those years, the focus of the laboratory planning shifted more towards research laboratories for both the Max Planck Society and universities. The predominant part of those projects was realized in the newly-formed German states. Dr. Uwe Ortmann, one of Dr. Heinekamp’s former study colleagues, started his activity as a planner in January 1995.

Dr. Heinekamp took over the Peuker-Kiefl Planning Office and founded the dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GbR on April 1, 1996. The existing team was composed of Dr. Uwe Ortmann, Anton Altmayer, Erika el Keilany, Heidrun Oertel, and Claus Preuss, strengthened by Brigitte Martin und Hermann Zeltner. Mr. Zeltner brought in his expertise as a mechanical engineer and was primarily involved in the build-up of IT techniques. The emergent company with 12 assistants moved into a new location at Nussbaumstrasse in Karlsfeld in May 1997.

The task spectrum ranged throughout all areas of laboratory techniques, the planning of laboratory infrastructures, laboratory equipment, infrastructures for the keeping of animals, sterilization, supply of extra gasses, high purity gasses and ultrapure water, scientific factories, cold and incubation rooms, climate chambers, GMP-iron free and physical clean rooms, storage facilities, and material feed systems. At the end of the 1990s, the field of building owners was expanded: Beside public assignments, assignments especially from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries were also increasingly conducted. The dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GmbH Karlsfeld was founded in November 1998 by the associates Dr. Heinekamp, Dr. Ortmann and Mr. Zeltner.The dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GmbH Berlin was additionally founded in 1999, first located in Weitlingstrasse, in order to improve their presence in the newly-formed German states. The direction was taken over by Dr. Ortmann.

The GLS Gesellschaft für LaborSicherheit mbH in Karlsfeld joined dr. Heinekamp in 2000 as a 100% affiliate sister company to increase consolidation for security competence. Because of the continuous increase of staff, dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GmbH Karlsfeld planned and realized a new office building which was opened in August 2002, less than one year from the beginning of the designing and realization. Similarly, the office in Berlin moved into a new location in the Spring of 2004. Planning is teamwork. The expertise and responsibility is based on many people. This was clearly demonstrated with the nomination of authorized representatives in January 2004. Dr. Norbert Teufelhart, as the GLS authorized representative, determines the relevant needs of the company. Dr. Ina Maria Müller, as an authorized representative, supports the executive board in Karlsfeld, which by is now shared between Dr. Heinekamp and Mr Zeltner. At the head of the company administration is Ms. Brigitte Martin, who is also responsible for the formation of new trainees in commercial education. After three year of apprenticeship, the first trainee finished successfully in 2005. Mr. Robert Zwick acts as training supervisor for new technical drawers. The group of companies has more than 40 collaborators and is to date the most competent contact for laboratory planning in Germany. Collaborators are currently invited to various expert forums, national and international symposia and to participate at the conjoint research project “Lab 2020” (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO).

The company operates in other countries apart from Germany: Projects have been carried out in Luxemburg and Belgium (since 2003), and Switzerland and Austria (since 2006). Furthermore, other projects in Russia (Kirov) and Algeria (Algier) have been completed. The projects in Switzerland were so successful that the dr. heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung GmbH Basel was founded in April 2008. A full planning team with Dr. Müller as CEO have been working in Basel since June 2, 2008. To cover the increasing demand for specialists in the Benelux region and in order to open new development opportunities, the new dr. heinekamp Benelux B.V. was inaugurated in 2012. Mr. and Mrs. van Heesewijk together with Mr. Frans Godthelp started the new activity with a team composed of nine collaborators. New projects have been acquired and are fully handled in Riethoven.